Screen Replacement for iPhone XS MAX OLED Display

Screen Replacement for iPhone XS MAX OLED Display

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IPHONE XS MAX OLED DISPLAY SCREEN REPLACEMENT - our OLED display for iPhone XS MAX offers excellent touch sensitivity, a bright display, offers lower power consumption and has outstanding visibility. 


COMPATABILITY FOR IPHONE XS MAX – this replacement display is for iPhone XS MAX only, models: A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104. Check your compatibility before purchasing by referring to the model number . Loctus OLEDs are suitable quality replacements but not original, that is why the quality of color, and display thickness differ from the original display. If you want the same quality and look as the original, please see an official store for a replacement.



HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – manufactured with high-quality materials, this iPhone XS MAX screen display is built to last and has top quality connectors too, ensuring a good fit and clear, bright display for iPhone XS MAX. Available in Black color.


LIFETIME GUARANTEE – each display kit is produced and tested under strict quality control standards resulting in a product that we have are extremely confident in. The usability for you, the end user has always been of paramount importance to us

Product Description:

iPhone OLED display screen replacement
Don’t put up with a broken or scratched screen on your iPhone. If you’ve got the technical confidence, then you can easily replace the screen in the comfort of your own home with our replacement OLED screen.


Save time and money

There’s no reason why you should have to pay expensive phone store prices for a replacement OLED screen. You can purchase our OLED replacement screen to have your phone looking like new in no time at all. What’s more, the handy tool kit means you can repair it to your own schedule without lengthy store wait times.


Lifetime money-back guarantee
We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and each display kit is tested under strict quality control standards. However, if you do experience any issues with the display or toolkit, please contact us immediately to arrange a replacement or refund. It’s important to note that physical damage to the screen or toolkit is not covered.