Battery for iPhone 5S 1560mAh

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BATTERY – never put up with a poorly functioning iPhone 5S battery again. Replace poor batteries with our fully compatible Lithium Ion   battery and enjoy a powerful Phone once again


COMPATIBILITY – this battery is compatible with iPhone 5S models A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533. It is not meant for use with iPhone 5 or 5C. If unsure, please identify your phone model by checking the back side of the phone where the model number is located.


TECHNICAL – our iPhone 5S replacement batteries have a capacity of 15600mAh (the same capacity as your original battery), 5.92Wh. They are FCC verified and EMC compliant, so you can use your iPhone 5S battery replacement with confidence

 GUARANTEE – we offer 24 months, money back guarantee on all of our battery models so you can shop knowing that if any issues occur, we are on hand to offer a replacement or a full refund on your purchase

Product Description:
Replacement for iPhone 5S  battery
Loctus batteries are reliable replacements when your current 5S battery is failing. Forget about charging your phone constantly throughout the day and instead change your old battery easily for a new, powerful option, all from the comfort of your own home.


There’s no reason why you should have to pay expensive phone store prices for a replacement the battery, nor should you have to pay for a new phone entirely. You can purchase our Loctus 5S battery which comes complete with a tool kit, instructions and adhesive tape so you can save money and keep your current phone. If your phone loses it’s power quickly, if the final 10% battery just disappears and if you find yourself charging frequently throughout the day then the time has come to get a new battery.


You buy:


1 Li-ion Battery – 24 months warranty

1 Adhesive Tape


BUY NOW and change your failing iPhone 5S battery for a reliable replacement