Charging Flex Cable iPhone SE White

Charging Flex Cable iPhone SE White

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IPHONE SE CHARGING FLEX CABLE REPLACEMENT - our charging flex cable for iPhone SE offers excellent grip and connectivity for your charging cable and headphone.

COMPATABILITY FOR IPHONE SE – this replacement is for iPhone SE only, not 5 or 5S models A1723, A1662, A1724. Check your compatibility before purchasing by referring to the model number on the back of your handset.

COLORS – charging flex cable is available in two colours. Black for black iPhone SE and White for Silver, Rose and Gold iPhone SE.

 HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – manufactured with high-quality materials, this iPhone SE charging flex cable is built to last and has top quality connectors too, ensuring a good fit and fast charging.

 LIFETIME GUARANTEE – each charging flex cable is produced and tested under strict quality control standards resulting in a product that we have are extremely confident in. The usability for you, the end user has always been of paramount importance to us